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Witney Pony Partners currently has 14 horses and ponies.  I feel so lucky and happy that this is my life!

I've loved horses since I first sat on one when I was three.

I finally got my own pony when I was eleven-a shetland named Bashful-who taught me to ride.

I sadly got too big for her and for four years my equine partner was Midnight, a lovely, kind pony who continued with my education.

Unfortunately when I started uni and left home I couldn't afford to keep a horse so had to take a break.  

By thirty I couldn't wait any longer and took on a Welsh cob named Arron.  He was a little bit more spirited than my previous ponies, but we got on fine. I had him until he died at the grand old age of thirty four!

My next horse was Wenamun, bought in 1998 at Stow fair. He was only eighteen months old and a bit of a handful but it was OK as long as we were doing what he wanted (eating or standing still) but by the time he was ten his behaviour was so bad people were telling me he should be put to sleep.

That was when I found Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Weni still continued to be a problem but I loved the Parelli programme so much I decided to train and become an instructor and so to learn quickly I bought Spirit-the little mare in the picture.  

In 2012 I attended a Parelli fast track course in the UK, which I passed,  which enabled me to then attend the 1* instructor course at the Parelli ranch in Colorado. 

I had so much fear and struggle with Weni-I just didn't understand him-and saw so many other people with 'difficult' horses who got hurt or gave up riding because they lost their confidence.  That's why in 2014 I opened Witney Pony Partners-to share what I've learnt and teach children and adults to understand and have fun with their horses and ponies :)

In June 2017 I bought an Andalusian, Caspar who has some behavioural issues.  He has spend some time settling in and I am restarting him.  

In the last few years I have had lessons with Frederic Pignon, Magali Delgado, Mikey Wanzenreid (5*Parelli instructor), Monica Andreewich (Softness training), Silke Valentin (4* Parelli Instructor), Sam Caporn and Russell Higgins (3* Parelli Instructors), Elsa Sinclair (Freedom based training), Andrea Wady (Pure Liberty).

I have an Advanced Practitioner certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Master Practitioner certificate in Mindfulness.  I am currently studying for a Master Practitioner certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I hold a level 1 award in Equestrian Coaching and a Diploma in Equine Psychology.

Weni is still with me; he is now 24 years old and teaches the little kids how to ride.  He's everyone's favourite!