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Vicky and Sugar_edited.jpg

                                                  Vicky and Sugar

Vicky has been with us for over 6 years, starting as a student, then volunteering  to help when she was 14,  she is now our full time assistant manager and lead instructor.

She has a Level 3 diploma in horse care and management from Abingdon and Witney College and is currently studying for a Diploma in Equine Massage Therapy.

Her favourite pony is Sugar because ''she loves hacking and jumping. We vibe together, and I like  ponies with attitude ;) ''.

Sugar is a 13hh bay New Forrest Pony.  

                                                         Liz and Starla

Liz is the founder and owner of Witney Pony Partners.  See 'about me' for her biography. She is fascinated by equine behaviour and communication and developed the curriculum here.

Starla is her favourite pony because 'I love starting ponies from the beginning, so they have no negative experiences with humans.  They are fascinating and it is lovely to develop a happy, safe, partner for our students'.

Starla is a 14hh Dartmoor x British Spotted Pony.  She is 3 years old and unbacked. 


                                                         Ashlin and Millie

Ashlin is a part-time lead instructor and started helping out here in August 2019 after Gaining a Level 3 Diploma in horse care and management.  During the week she works as a TA at an SEMH school, has a special interest in autism and a level 1 qualification in Understanding Autism.

She has been around horses since the age of 9 and is interested in their psychology and communication.  She likes working here because she wants to do groundwork and riding in a more 'free' way and have a strong relationship with her horse.

Millie is her favourite because ''she is so gentle and tries hard.  She is soft to work with, fun and beautiful.

Millie is a 15.1hh Black Gypsy Cob.  

                           <--  Kelly and Dylan

Kelly is a full time assistant instructor. She is the fastest person ever to graduate from trainee to assistant instructor here!  Kelly has been around horses since the age of 4 and previously worked at a dressage yard and another riding school.  Kelly is currently studying for a diploma in equine psychology and she has also done equine massage training so she can help Vicky keep our ponies comfortable and pain free! 

Kelly's favourite pony is Dylan because he's 'Calm, friendly and chilled, but with a cheeky side!'

Dylan is a 13.2hh grey Gypsy cob.  

                                                                  Tina and Magic-->

Tina is a part time assistant instructor and has been with us for over a year.  She has had horses all her life and  has competed Cross Country.

Her favourite pony is Magic.

Magic is a 13hh black Fell x Welsh pony.  


                                                 <--- Cerys and Billy

Cerys is a part time assistant instructor and started here in August 2022.  She has a level 3 diploma in horse care and management from Abingdon and Witney College and is currently awaiting the results of her Equine Science Degree from Oxford Brooks University.  She has previously volunteered at the RDA,  has autistic siblings and loved seeing them enjoy their time around the horses.  She is also very interested in equine behaviour.

Cerys' favourite pony is Billy because ''I like his personality, spending time with him and working with him''.

Billy is a 14hh piebald Gypsy cob.

                                                                                       Lorraine and Weni-->

Lorraine is our alternative education lead coach and has been helping us out on and off for 5 years. 

Weni is her favourite horse as he 'has a great personality'. 

Weni is the horse who inspired WPP.  He is a 14.3hh black Irish cob and he was born in 1998.

            Holly and Izzy with Boo-->

Izzy has been with us since she starting lessons at 14 and is now a part-time assistant instructor.  

She is off to equine college in September 2023 but will continue to teach on Saturdays. Her favourite pony is Boo because he's 'friendly, sweet and fun!'.

Hollie started here as a trainee groom/instructor in July 2023.   already expert at looking after the ponies and has started her instructor training.  Her favourite pony is also Boo because he's 'a sweetheart, with a unique character which makes him interesting to work with'.

Boo is a 13.2hh Blue and white Gypsy cob.  



                                     <--Skye and Comet

Skye is a part-time trainee groom. Now 13, she first rode when she was 7 and begged her parents to let her start lessons here!Her main equine interests are liberty, communication and show jumping.

Her favourite pony is Comet because 'he's pretty, clever and kind'.

Comet is a 14.3hh flea bitten grey Connemara.

Brook jumping liberty.jpg

                                          Layla and Brook-->

Layla is a part time trainee groom and has her own pony, Wellington.  She loves teaching Wellington tricks and practicing her liberty skills, as well as schooling and hacking.

Her favourite WPP pony is Brook as she had lessons with him before loaning Wellington.

Brook is a 13.2hh Grey New Forest Pony.


Red is our 15.3hh Thoroughbred.  He is currently off work and receiving treatment and rehab for kissing spine.


Ally is our 8hh Shetland pony.  He is very sweet and clever and loves to learn new tricks.

                  Jack and Caspar

Last but by no means least, Jack, Liz's husband.  With originally absolutely no interest in horses he was coerced into building fences, stables and even our arena!  He can usually be found mending fences or playing with Caspar.

We acquired Caspar in 2017 and it soon became clear that he didn't want to be ridden.  Jack fell in love with him and has been learning horsemanship so that he can apply it and eventually ride Caspar with consent.

Caspar is a 15.3hh grey Andalusian gelding.  Whilst currently non-ridden he is available for groundwork, trick training and liberty lessons.

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