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All of our lessons are split into two sections: Groundwork and Ridden  

During the groundwork section you will spend time with your allocated horse or pony grooming,

saddling and preparing to ride. During the ridden section you will learn how to ride using

biomechanics, and a simple rope hackamore. Students will have an individual helper if required.

Children 4-6 years.

30 minutes £30


Children 6-15 years.

45 minutes £35

1 hour £40 

1 hour lesson plus 2 hours stable management £50 


Adults 16 and over - private lessons

1 hour £55

1 hour lesson plus 2 hours stable management £75

Please email for more information and to book.


We also offer group and private non ridden lessons in trick training, liberty work, groundwork,

stable management and therapeutic horsemanship at £40 per hour. 

Therapeutic horsemanship includes grooming, groundwork, stable management and can include

some NLP techniques to help with anxiety and confidence.

We also offer mindfulness classes and pony walks along the Windrush River Meadows-please see

the Mental health and well-being page.




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