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Terms and conditions of booking

Ad hoc lessons must be paid for within 48 hours of booking or immediately if booked within 48 hours of the lesson time.


The full session fee will be charged if cancellations are made within 48 hours of the booked session for any reason (with the exception of a doctor’s certificate, NHS notice of isolation or other evidence of exceptional circumstances). 


We teach in all weathers.   In the interests of equine and staff welfare we will hold non-ridden sessions indoors with the horses and ponies when there are adverse weather conditions.  In heavy rain, high winds or extremely hot weather (above 26oC) we hold stable management lessons in our large stable block instead of riding.. 


Additionally for or pony/horse shares:

Monthly fees must be paid before the first lesson or 7th of the month.


We run 52 weeks a year through term time and the holidays and will normally only be closed on Christmas day and Boxing day.


For fortnightly pony shares cancellations are not accepted.

For weekly pony shares cancellations are accepted to a maximum of 1 in 10 weeks.


For safety please come dressed appropriately.  Long trousers.  Absolutely no canvas shoes or trainers.  Wellies or leather shoes are OK for beginners, but once students have progressed from a bareback pad to a saddle, please note that they can only ride in a saddle with stirrups if they wear sturdy leather boots with a heel and a smooth sole. 


We require 2 weeks notice for termination of a pony share.

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