Video Coaching


We can all experience behavioural issues with our horse or pony, whether they be small things which we would like to improve, or bigger issues which are getting in the way of our enjoyment or progress.

Examples include;

Difficulty bridling/headshy

Won't stand still to mount

Loading issues

Won't go

Won't stop




Picking up the feet



If you would like some help with your own horse or pony you can upload a 10 minute or shorter video showing the problem to you tube and send me the link via the contact page.  One I have received payment which can be made by Paypal via the links below, I will view the clip and email you with observations, hints and exercises which can help.

Some issues will require more than one coaching session.  

One coaching session including email providing supporting

documents/pictures and video clips if appropriate.  £15

Five coaching sessions £70

Ten coaching sessions  £135