Ad hoc lessons 7-12 years


1 hour £30

The lesson will combine grooming, groundwork and riding equally.

Pony share sessions 7-12 years

After the first lesson you will be offered the option to join the pony

share scheme.


1 hour per week        £108.33 per month

1 hour per fortnight £54.17 per month 

The student will have the same pony at the same time each week or fortnight.

We don't have an indoor school, so when the weather is bad we stay inside to learn horse care and psychology which are essential in the training of good horsemen and women.  The students can earn rosette awards for these sessions.

Pony share plus sessions 10 years and over

Many of our students find 1 hour with the ponies is not enough!  We can now offer students supervised yard experience before or after lessons. They will learn how to take care of the ponies and study for their rosette awards.

1 hour lesson plus 2 hours yard experience weekly                    £151.67 per month

1 hour lesson plus 2 hours yard experience fortnightly             £75.83 per month

Terms and conditions of booking

The full session fee will be charged if cancellations are made within 48 hours of the booked session for any reason (with the exception of a doctor’s certificate). 

We offer regular weekend sharers a reduced rate and the opportunity to participate in The Association of British Riding School’s rosettes and tests.  In exchange we ask that you pay for your lessons monthly in advance.  In the event of holidays or sickness, where we are given at least 48 hours notice, we offer alternative lesson dates or a voucher to be used towards a holiday activity or the Association of British Riding Schools rosettes and tests.  Monthly fees must be paid before the first lesson of the month otherwise ad hoc rates will be charged.

We teach in all weathers. We have installed, at great expense, an Olympic sized floodlit arena with an all-weather surface. A large stable block is available for inside sessions and wet-weather pony care modules are an essential part of our training philosophy.  We believe that undemanding time spent with your pony is essential to build a strong relationship so it is important that these wet-weather sessions are not missed.

We run 52 weeks a year through term time and the holidays and will normally only be closed on Christmas day and Boxing day.